"In compassion lies the world's true strength."

- Gautama Buddha, Nepal

Nonprofit Mission: Aranya Solutions' purpose is to enrich the quality of life within targeted economically challenged and developing areas. Aranya Solutions develops systematic changes with a focus on localization serving as a bridge to resources and providing necessary infrastructure. Our method is to assist communities to implement environmentally friendly building and agricultural methods, life skills workshops, local business development, leadership training, education initiatives, and capacity building.

Village Community Support

We work closely with the villagers to identify specific village needs, and strive to source or offer the needed resources and support.

  • Agriculture training
  • Education initiatives
  • Creating value added products
  • Natural disaster resilience
Mountains overlooking Digam village.

Leadership Training

Our focus is to empower leaders to come forward with renewed confidence in their capacity to make a positive change in their community, organizations and life.

  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Governance and communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making skills
women on trail in nepal

innovation labs

“Innovation Labs” Events for Deeper Engagement

At Innovation Labs events we will feature change makers and learn from the experience and wisdom of thought leaders around the world, curating solution driven think-tanks that lead to action plans for addressing climate change and humanitarian issues and promoting collaborative innovation.

Upcoming Innovation Labs

  • July 2nd - Innovation Lab in Helena, MT
    • @ Mynra Loy Theater
    • 6-10pm

woman crafting basket

Current Projects:

We are currently working with The Relief Trust of Nepal, and the Rotary Club to bring meaningful relief to the people of Digam village. This village suffered greatly from the 2015 earthquake and hasn't gotten the help it needs to prosper and be prepared for any coming setbacks. Additionally, we provide leadership training to help create the next generation of change makers and consulting services for development organizations. Learn more about these projects and our wholistic approach to empower these corageous people.

We work in partnership with ICA Nepal, The Relief Trust, and the Rotary Club.

A Video Introduction to our Work

Learn more about our work with Nepali Villagers, Innovation Labs, partnerships, stakeholders, and array of services.

Click here for more information on the Nepali Village projects.

Community Updates and Engagement

Aranya Solutions acts as a pollinator to create an ecosystem of people, organizations and resources towards positive change. Follow us on Facebook (and other platforms) to stay up to date of all the activity on the ground. Our goal is to bring cohesion to the movement of movements and strengthen the impact that we all can have. And that includes you!